Hey y’all! 

I am going to be showing you my BIBPC entry for #5. The theme is adventure!

This is the day I went with my friend to see fireworks over the river! I got this picture by reaching my camera up really high. We had to lay in the grass so it was a challenge! 




Hey guys! 

I haven’t been posting recently so I decided to post BIBPC. The theme this time is blue! So today I went into my room and took a picture of my banner above my bed. I thought the picture looked pretty cool! -Nicole-

2016 Christmas Haul

Hey Everyone! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas or a wonderful day if you don’t celebrate Christmas! So today (I wrote this yesterday 😉), it was Christmas for me. I am about to show you everything that I opened today. I am not going to include the things that my relatives got me because their party is tomorrow. On Christmas Eve, I watched the Midnight Mass and it was so beautiful! Remember the real reason of Christmas, CHRIST! I am in no way, shape, or form trying to brag about what I got, but I know many people enjoy these types of posts, so I thought it would be fun to do! Let’s get started! 

  In my stocking I got candy canes, candy, a new charger, a portable charger, and a pen that writes with invisible ink. 

Then, I opened up a beautiful makeup set with lots of different compartments and wonderful makeup. Next I opened up a beautiful nutcracker which matches my mini Christmas tree! Then, I got a portable Bluetooth speaker that you can charge your phone on. Pretty cool! 

 I love bath and body works stuff! I got 3 body mists and 3 shower gels. They smell really good! This was one of the things on my Christmas wishlist that I posted previously, so you can go check that out after reading this if you didn’t already.

 Another thing I opened up was this set of nail pens to get cool designs on your nail. I also got a book to show how to do cool designs. 

 Probably one of my favorite things I got, PINK body mists! I love the scents from Pink and I was really excited when I got this! 

From my aunt, we (my family) got the Polar express movie which we watched today and a cute holiday ornament that has the ruby red slippers from the Wizard of Oz. Very cute! 

On Christmas Eve, everyone in my family open up one gift and I picked out the gift from my aunt, uncle and 2 cousins. So, in the present there was a bean boozled challenge and a regular jelly bean set. Then, I opened up the cute bag that says Sparkle and it had the whole mini set of the scent Warm Vanilla Sugar. Thanks guys! 

Another one of my favorite things, supplies to make slime! When I first opened the boxed I was confused but then I realize it was supplies to make slime! 

At my school, we are doing a musical so I had to provide my own costume (I’m Peter Pan if you couldn’t already tell) and my mom surprised me with this costume and 2 extra pairs of green tights. 

This is something that came with my big suprise you will see at the end. Any guesses what the suprise is? 
Then, I got $10 form my aunt and uncle and a $30 check form my grandparents. Thanks! 
My sister got me this pretty set of stickers to put on your wall and a nice shade of lip gloss because I love lip gloss! Very happy with this! Thanks sis!
Suprise! I got a Beddy’s bed spread! What I wanted! Basically you can zip yourself up instead of having to make your bed every morning. SO excited!!! 😊 I also got some pillows to match the bedspread.
This is what I did with the wall stickers! Love it! 

My little bro made me a wonderful picture! Thank you! Isn’t it adorable? 
Thank you guys SO much for reading this! You guys mean so much to me! I really hope you had an amazing Christmas and in the comments tell me what is your favorite thing that you got. 


Christmas Wishlist 2016

Hi everyone! 

This is my first “real post” on this blog. So today I decided to share with you my Christmas wishlist. I have just a couple things on here that I really would like to receive. So, let’s get on with this post! 


Okay, so this first thing I really want is a Beddy’s bed spread. It is basically a sleeping bag that you put on your bed but it is warm. You zip it up instead of making your bed, cause I’m pretty lazy in the morning. I thought it was really cool when I first saw it! I want the color Chic Gray. I a in need of a new bed spread.


The next thing(s) that I want is some Bath and Body Works product. So I recently went to the store in my mall to smell the scents and pick out scents I want so I could put them on my Christmas wishlist. So, I really want the Endless Weekend scent in the shower gel. I would also like to get the body mist. So other scents that I would like to receive include: Pink Chiffon, Twisted Peppermint, and A Thousand Wishes.


I love to shop, but my mom doesn’t really know my taste of clothing. That’s why I decided I would like a gift card to Aeropostale. I really love their shirts that they sell. So adorable! I also would like a gift card to American Eagle and maybe even an iTunes gift card so I can download some more songs!


Okay, so I would really like to receive this gift! I actually might but it today since they are having a sale! So, this lip gloss has two beautiful flavors and colors. They are actually so skinny tubes that they fit into the back of your jeans without anyone seeing it. How brilliant! I really love lip gloss, so I thought it would be a perfect gift! It is also an all natural product which I think is awesome.
Okay, so those are all of the things that I would like for Christmas! I really hope you enjoyed reading, because I know I love these types of posts. Make sure to comment down below what you would like for Christmas. Bye! 


First Post

Hey Everyone!
My name is Nicole (you can call me Nikki, I like it better) I wanted to start a new blog to just get a fresh start. I will post every Saturday/Sunday. I will also try to do one post during the weekdays. You can learn more about me when I get my “about me” page up. I really hope you subscribe to my blog. Every 10 followers (ex. 10,20,30 etc.) I will do some sort of suprise. I really hope you will stay along with my blog. My first “actual post” will be tomorrow.